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Thank you very much for all your work! And I do comprehend that the mass vaccination in 2021 is what drove the death spike in the healthy, working age employed in Q3 2021.

I also know that the vaccine weakens the immune system for the initial 2 weeks post injection, hence their convenient cover-up, "you are unvaccinated until 2 weeks post injection!"

You are a "sitting duck" if exposed at that time, (perhaps.)

But I also have seen tmyocarditis, heart attacks, stroke, "turbo cancer," and other fatal events post mRNA Covid Shots.

So that jump upwards isn't all Covid, IMHO. It's the natural results of mRNA technology as it was rolled out, from other information I have seen.

It's certainly a human catastrophe, and I still wonder at the mindset of the people, (if I can call them that,) who rolled this mess out.

Not to mention the "stay home till you turn blue," medical Nihilism, the lies about early treatments, and the huge payouts for Remdesivir and a Ventilator, with a 20% bonus if you used nothing besides those 2.

I for one cannot see any of this as an accident. I wish I could, but it all looks lethal, and intentionally so, to me.

Sasha Latypova (Substack) had a good conversation with Dr. Peter Breggin recently and her conclusions make sense to me. I hope more people will consider her work and conclusions.

Thank you again for your excellent information and data sets. It certainly presents the events clearly and in an accessible format. Hopefully many more people will come to understand how disastrous our "public health policy" really has been, and sadly still is, here in the USA.

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But yeah, we should not underestimate the contribution of mislabelled deaths to COVID deaths either, including those ones that were COVID-associated, but preventable with proper care which alas we were denied.

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Argh, wrote a long reply and accidentally closed the browser.

I agree, the vaccine status laws indicate that the decision makers were well aware of what they were doing.

I am looking for a timeline that gives me an idea of when people were granted "privileges" based on vaccine status. The CDC's timeline has a low density of events starting in late April 2021. Almost as if they realized it'd be a bad idea to keep documenting at that point.

First look at these two charts:



You can see how rarely autopsies were performed on COVID cases. The figure drops to 3.5% or so during Q3'2021.

I still believe the vast majority of these deaths are in fact COVID deaths. Take a look at this website:


So let's move away from COVID.

Look at respiratory deaths in different age groups, especially pneumonia-associated ones. They are skyrocketing. It's not that hard to correctly diagnose pneumonia, so I believe these people all actually had pneumonia.

Also look at acute kidney injuries. These are caused by COVID also, but not so much by vaccines it seems.

On the other hand, these are the ICD-10 keys which proportion among all deaths correlate most strongly with monthly vaccinations during the initial phase up to Q2 (incomplete from the top of my head):

- Accidents (correlation around 0.98, probably caused by unexpected cardiovascular events)

- Poisonings (tox screen finds any toxic substance, death is blamed on that for lack of a better explanation)

- Cardiomegaly (probably as a consequence of myocarditis)

- Facial nerve paralysis (Bell's palsy)

- Other heart disease

- Unknown neurodegenerative disease (you've probably seen the videos, don't think this has a name yet)

So without a doubt there are deaths resulting directly from vaccine administration, but I estimate these to affect around 1 in 1500 people who received a dose within the same month, which would not nearly explain the mortality in late 2021. ADE seems to be the much (!) bigger issue in terms of death toll.

If you want to play around with "vaccine doses per death", check this out: https://usa.pervaers.com (make sure to select another age group first, instead of the "No COVID" group).

What Sasha says makes sense until you look at the data. She is willfully ignoring the data so her narrative makes sense. She sees virology merely as a tool to control people, not as a model to understand disease processes. According to her there is no second nocuous agent - let alone a virus - but the data do not make sense when the vaccine is the only nocuous agent. It all sounds good, but I've never seen her trying to disprove her own hypotheses. I think she's caught up in her own bubble and the more people are applauding her, the more convinced she becomes of her version of the story, which simply does not fit the data at all.

She's done excellent work on uncovering the DoD involvement, but her explanation of the situation as a whole is just lacking. I attribute the popularity of her theory to the fact that it is what people love to hear. However I don't see us ever uncovering the real crime here, when we pretend there is no illness.

The way I see it the real crime was made possible by the "vaccines" interacting with immunity and immunity interacting with the virus.

The "vaccines" make sure the virus keeps being passed around, while offering enough protection from the very disease they allow to spread for the most vaccinated areas to see less net increase in mortality. Absolutely diabolical the way I see it. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it turns out immune imprinting was the method used to create SARS-CoV-2 (directed evolution), but I don't see any way to understand this based on available data. I can't even get sequencing data from early 2020, since GISAID won't approve my account at all.

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I was writing a longer reply and it closed and deleted itself also;

Argg indeed!

Will try again tomorrow, but just wanted to send my appreciation for all your responses and insights. It is a pleasure to connect with those working hard to unravel the facts in this human disaster, nothing is as important in my opinion. And as an aside, my husband is German, from a small town in the south, and his local hospital was closed a couple of years back. Very challenging and there has been a terrific drop in the quality of German Healthcare in the 18 years we have been together as well.

In the past all the medicine/surgeries I saw in family and friends in Germany was of a very high standard, they actually got it "right," virtually always.

Then I started seeing the same slipshod mistakes, poor diagnoses, and reckless behavior I had long witnessed here inside the US health care system.

Sigh. Medical professionals I know said it sounded like an "overwhelmed" health system. But I don't really see that even if there are challenges in patient/provider ratios.

It feels like a sea change to me; either the patient matters or they do not. And what we have witnessed again and again is that the lives of people have suddenly become completely valueless to many, even to those who exist to save life, heal sickness and injury, by definition!

In England, in the US, and even in Germany.

I only can see it through a spiritual lense, personally, and it speaks of troubled times on our Earth.

I pray that integrity, compassion and love for one's fellow human beings rises to face this challenge. Only then can we change this for the better, for real. I truly applaud the doctors who have spoken out: the Pierre Korys, the Paul Mariks, etc. God bless them for fighting for their patients' lives, we need a health care system made of individuals of their stamp!

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Thank you. I see it the same way. What I am doing does not feel like work, but like an opportunity to help turn the tide on the fascist forces that have been infiltrating our societies for decades. I was prepared to live off social welfare if I had proven unsuccessful in monetizing my efforts, because doing this has become a moral imperative to me. Fortunately CHD came to my rescue.

Nobody was overwhelmed where I lived (Northern Germany, Hamburg). Doctors in hospitals were basically just idling in early 2020. I remember distinctly how they were all "bored" out of their minds, regardless of their field, because there simply was nothing to do. Nobody was seeking medical care. Even the geriatrics wards were overstaffed at the time.

A big issue are these protocols or recommendations as we call them in Germany. To become better at something you have to practice. Once doctors start following one-size-fits-all protocols instead of developing individualized therapies based on careful assessments of each patient's status, their skillset will simply devolve.

I remember asking a buddy of mine who was running a COVID ward to describe the clinical presentation of COVID patients and how he discriminates between COVID and other respiratory infections. All I got was "Uhm it's a pneumonia like any other really. I just wait for lab results".

The same guy told me he "fact-checked" my claim that ADE manifesting in freshly vaccinated breakthrough patients is a highly plausible scenario... I'm dead serious.

There is a very fine line between medical care being beneficial to patients and medical care being harmful to patients, without any real middle-ground.

This new type of medicine is about money first and foremost. We do not have the capacities to care for our elders without making some fundamental changes to the system.

Demand for medical services will keep increasing while our workforce (supply) is shrinking. This leads to higher prices which in turn attracts investors.

I think that explains most of what is happening.

Last month I got a free pdf via email trying to teach me about "difficult patients". Among them was "the bargainer" and "the talker" the latter of which goes on about his family and other aspects of his private life. Doctors are being programmed like no other subpopulation.

Once upon a time it was seen as a merit when a doctor knew his patients' grandkids names. Now it merely reduces profitability and competitiveness.

While I do believe that compassion is a core feature of good doctors (though not irreplacable), I have a feeling it's going to take a lot more to revert these trends.

We are all gonna need to be spiritually strong to get through the time that lies ahead. COVID was only a small taste of what is to come if you ask me. All we can do is stay true, do what's right and hope for the best... and never ever stop antagonizing the mainstream narratives.

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well said. Totally agree that these people are not "people", they are not human, they don't have normal human emotions. They are predators, monsters, mass murderers. We like to think of ourselves in the current era as being compassionate, so we don't allow "cruel and unusual punishment". (Tell that to the convicted who spend years or decades in the hell holes known as the prison industrial complex.) But I have to wonder how much of this horror would stop immediately--or could have been prevented entirely--if we started having public executions of the perpetrators. Drawn and quartered on the White House lawn. Guillotines in front of the Capitol. Could we not argue that that would be in service of the "Greater Good"?

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For some reason the red and blue colors caused me a bit of confusion.....and then a new thought occurred; is there a correlation between voter population registered Republican or Democrat and that state's uptick in all cause mortality post the Covid-19 vaccine rollout?

Or the lack thereof?

I know that has nothing to do with these charts, but it is a question I've heard asked and that I have wondered myself.

An odd question, for certain, but I did notice, anecdotally, that in my wealthy, mostly Democratic small town there were not all that many severe adverse events reported, but that up the road 12 miles in a very working class and mostly Republican small city, there were lots of severe adverse events, including deaths, post the rollout.

Ditto some friends of mine in other areas, they appeared to witness the same thing.

And big cities appeared to have had less deaths from the vaccines than rural areas also.

Of course all this is purely hearsay and anecdotal. It might not be true at all once you get a really hard look at the data, but I'm wondering if anyone is dividing this up by party affiliation or income level? Or city vs rural living conditions?

I know we looked at Covid deaths by ethnicity but there are many other ways to categorize people. Of course there is the healthy vaccinated bias- the more healthy, educated, and higher income individuals take vaccines at higher rates than people who are not as healthy etc.

That must be accounted for also, the underlying health status of the people receiving them.

But I have heard stories about young, fit, totally healthy individuals dying post a covid vaccine, and they came from the Red, (Republican) "side of town," and that does make me wonder a bit as I haven't heard of anything like that in my Blue Tribe, (Democrats) friends.

Again, probably just coincidence, but I do wonder...

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I will dedicate an article to this, but I have yet to write it.

I can tell you what happened in a single chart. I'll try to go into a bit more detail afterwards.


The red states weren't hit hardest because of their voting preference, but because they had the lowest vaccination rates when the digital ID insanity started.

People were being granted privileges based on their vaccination status.

This caused a surge in vaccinations in those states that had the lowest vaccination rates at the time.

At the same time Delta started gaining foothold. Delta was well-adapted to the immune systems of the partially/fully vaccinated. While it existed all throughout 2020 (as early as late march, a week after clinical trials began), it never had a sufficient growth advantage to become predominant.

Once the vaccinations of early 2021 had begun, Delta did have such a growth advantage, but it still took time to spread and infect people.

It's phase of rapid exponential growth began in late Q2'2021. Precisely when the US government started agitating against the unvaccinated and coined the term "pandemic of the unvaccinated".

So there was a new surge in vaccinations and these freshly vaccinated individuals (most of whom belonged to the 25-64 cohort) now offered a "breeding ground" for Delta.

These vaccinations literally fuelled the surge in cases we saw in Q3'2021, killing hundred thousands.

Without vaccinations, we would have probably never seen Delta become the predominant variant. I blame all COVID deaths occuring in the second half of 2021 on vaccinations.

These charts illustrate what happened to COVID mortality after people had been vaccinated:


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Complicated. Rural areas may be older, have less access to healthcare, etc. so it could be the case that "red rural areas" have higher problems from covid that has nothing to do with them be redneck right winger anti-vaxxers, but just bad health and low income.

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Ironically, the notion of urban areas being hit harder by infectious diseases has been widely accepted for many decades and it should still ring true.

This goes to show that these aren't "really" just infectious disease deaths.

I saw the same thing in German data: A strong negative correlation between excess deaths during COVID waves and population density.

Most of these COVID deaths were probably preventable (especially if no vaccines had been deployed) and should really be attributed to either lack of care or "bad medicine". They're COVID deaths nonetheless with a very similar clinical presentation to COVID deaths that happened despite optimal treatment.

The lack of care aspect seems to be what's killing a lot of people in rural areas. At least that is my suspicion. We have seen dozens - if not hundreds - of clinics close throughout Germany. The rural clinics never were the cash cows. In the end it's all about money, same way it always has been.

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Yes, it is difficult to separate these risk factors. But just the juxtaposition of my two towns, and the specific individual cases I heard of seemed far "off kilter" to me.

The deaths were not in the older, sicker individuals. They were in vibrant healthy, younger individuals.

So terrible. They never needed the shot in the first place, all they needed was early treatment, if they had gotten sick. And perhaps only the nutraceuticals at that! And now gone. Diagnosed as Covid, or SADS, or cancer. But really they are Covid-19 mRNA tech deaths, without a shadow of doubt in my mind.

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There is considerable chatter in Substack on vaccine lot variability and how the bad lots went to the "red" areas. That would be consonant with your thinking.

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This system of punishing those states that vaccinate the slowest extends to all vaccination waves to lesser degree, because

1) People are highly susceptible in the first weeks

2) COVID waves are fuelled by vaccinations

3) Those states vaccinating the fastest, slow down the soonest

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Regarding the batches, it's true that a large number of patients who were vaccinated in Q3'2021 and subsequently reported to VAERS to have died from COVID in Q3'2021 received only a small number of batches. About a 1/3 of deaths occurred in individuals that received 4 batches, 2 of which each carried pairs of consecutive ID's.

However these batches were not only deployed in red states. It's just that red states had low vaccination rates at the time.

With Delta being tailored to wreak havoc on the vaccinated, we see two peaks of COVID deaths in VAERS reports in people who were vaccinated in the first half of 2021. One represents those who caught COVID shortly after vaccination, the other represents those who got vaccinated early on and then had to wait for Delta to come back at them which on average happened 28 weeks post-vaccination.

It seems those freshly vaccinated in Q3'2021 saw the largest increase in risk to die of COVID.

So the red states were punished passively, not actively.

In other words: The implemented propaganda and agitation system made sure that those people who only got vaccinated to regain their "privileges" were punished.

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It is what I seemed to witness, albeit in a very small way. But maybe it's the "healthy vaccinated" bias working, not the party affiliation and an actual target on a specific political group? But whatever is happening a lot of us seem to be hearing similar stories...

Where's that Bad Cat or some other data crunching genius to tease that information out, when we need them?!

Blue, lower income vs Red lower income, might help sort this for real, but I don't know if that information really exists? In a usable format?

Pure voter registration won't do it. We need that correlated with underlying health, income, and education status to even the "playing field." But, if with most other variables balanced, we find more Conservative/Republican deaths and injuries vs Liberal/Democrat ones, then it becomes crystal clear that the Bringers of The One World Totalitarian Government know who in the USA will stand against them, and they have attacked preemptively to take us out. At least that is how the evidence, (if found,) would stack up for me.

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I urge you to look at the article and the image I linked. It will explain a lot.

Since this is by far the most scandalous element in the story of the "US pandemic" (oxymoron), I will dedicate a long article to this.

Income is a factor, as has been demonstrated by Rancourt, but the real element that killed these people is their belated vaccination.

All of this was timed perfectly. Imho the google trends search is proof that this was intended!

It was a nothing short of a massacre.

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https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/press-release/unvaccinated-adults-are-now-more-than-three-times-as-likely-to-lean-republican-than-democratic/ I certainly hope subsequent years of die off, not to mention their low reproduction rate, kills off the Left.

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I don't wish death to anyone who fell victim to this psy-op. I wish for them to realize what is going on and start acting like compassionate human beings again. Those who implemented it however... Well.

I position myself somewhere between hippie and anarcho-communist. ;)

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A noble positioning; however, only one ideological group has successfully opposed the Authoritarian Left in the past 100 years. Alas, due in part to the error of my nation (USA), the good guys lost in 1945! Hail Victory, and lay off the psycho-actives!

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