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At a small conference in Austria, 2021, the cardiologists discussed that they had been keeping their own estimates for injury following the shot. They had a one in six rate for boys, but said it was possible that everyone who took it had heart injury and simply didn't recognize the symptoms - you don't go to the doctor it it's harder climbing up stairs. They weren't sure what was happening in girls because the patients coming in were predominantly male and the standard tests weren't giving clear signals on females. I trust their experience, and it makes sense from a cell biology perspective.

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That is very interesting indeed.

I'm afraid we are not going to see studies being financed for an honest look at the true extent anytime soon.

If we could get a survey to at least one school and ask the children for:

- age

- gender

- headache after vaccination?

- chest pain after vaccination?

- fever after vaccination?

then we would have a very good idea about the true rate of chest pain in children.

Heart damage can surely occur without chest pain, but it is an indicator for more severe damage.

And my current suspicion is that the heart gets injured in nearly all the cases in which all risk factors line up:




This might be influenced by the temporal relationship between injection and infection.

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