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Fabian what a monumental effort. A mission one would suspect would be a core purpose of any public health agency but deliberately ignored. Thanks for looking out for us. This data will help us ignore future corrupted mandates from these maniacal agencies and maybe with luck be used to hold those most responsible for the deaths they caused to some form of accountability.

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Yet another hard hitting analyses. This is armor-piercing material. Sadly, the FDA et al. seem to have upped their bullet-proofing lately. But the bar chart carries heavy messaging to the people πŸ’ͺ

Speaking as a father of three:

The horror of the fates behind the numbers is spine-chilling.

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I remember hearing about one of the first babies (that I knew of) that died from thrombocytopenia. It was early on right after first wave vaxxed rollout. The baby was between 4-6 months old, still breastfeeding. Mother had been vaccinated within 72 hours prior.

No dots connected.

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Hi Dr. Fabian Spieker, my name is James A Thorp, MD. Your work is excellent. I have some interesting data I would like to share with you. My X Twitter handle is @jathorpMFM. Please DM me and lets talk. Im a board-certified ObGyn and Maternal Fetal Medicine physician of 40 plus years and I've seen over 27,500 high-risk pregnant women just in the last 4.5 years. jim thorp

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