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Amazing the correlation! Thanks for digging this analysis out of the data.

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Yeah 0.96 is just insane. Controlling for first dose coverage does nothing. p>0.3

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Sinister! Something for Naomi Klein perhaps (our one as opposed to the no logo one)

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I think fertility could be the main thing, wouldn't be surprised if the bulk of the 32,089 reports never published are that (reports missing in the VAERS_ID sequence).

"It's the fertility" is my theory right now but might only pan out with more time.

Here's the count of each of 248 symptom entries matching a regex of baby and female fertility terms, count total only ~60K. https://univaers.com/download/special/vaers_symptoms_female_fertility_and_baby.xlsx

Looks something like ...

count vaers_symptom_entry

60,151 Total

16308 Heavy menstrual bleeding

9638 Menstruation irregular

7777 Menstrual disorder

4998 Menstruation delayed

4426 Exposure during pregnancy

4368 Maternal exposure during pregnancy

4342 Intermenstrual bleeding

1008 Maternal exposure during breast feeding

883 Premenstrual syndrome

577 Maternal exposure before pregnancy

400 Pregnancy

392 Maternal exposure timing unspecified

392 Foetal death


That's a subset of all symptom entry counts I published yesterday where it turned up [EDIT: 18%, page updated] of jabbed have covid, surprised me: https://deepdots.substack.com/p/vaers-symptoms-entry-counts

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Yeah. This doesn’t sit well with the narrative of safe and effective. Also- these unborn babies were likely a causality of this war.


Thank you for this stack.

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