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That percentage point in kids apparently translating to a vax resistant variant taking over beautifully illustrates a VandenBossche idea, namely that baby/childhood vaxx translating to the imbeciles hacking away at the little bit of herd immunity there was. In fact, some trustworthy-looking research suggested families with kids in them had less corona due to them forming a natural barrier to it "out of the box". The sinister bit is obviously that they're literally killing young kids. At least the price tag is quite high since they ensure Pfizer's herd immunity to liability across the board (US). I'm just astonished that they've a) just pulled this off haven't they and b) gone from merely offering a good number of partially mentally disabled/autistic/SIDded to the altar of supposed lifelong immunity to this and that disease to maiming and killing their offspring by wrecking their immune sys, without so much as breaking their stride. The net result including, as Fabian appears to hint at here, a net negative impact on the holy grail, the fata morgana of overall herd immunity strictly as per the most recent WHO definition of the latter.

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From June until October of 2022, I tracked weekly case rates by Bundesland in Germany. Indeed correlation was highest between case rate and first booster. However, I do not have the data at hand to zoom into the age groups.

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In other words:

The first jabs boosted Delta

The boosters boosted Omicron BA.1

The boosters for kids turned them into superspreaders (which they weren't before) and thus boosted BA.2

The second boosters (dose 4) most likely boosted BA.4 and BA.5

The bivalent boosters boosted XBB (descended from BA.2) as well as the rest of the variant soup today.

I really shudder to think what the next boosters will unleash....

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Some may point out that Denmark also had a lot of BA.2 earlier, but theirs was mostly mixed in with BA.1 rather than a separate wave, much like in South Africa from whence it came.

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