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Fabian, the numbers across mortality and any number of sicknesses are all manipulated to show the exponential increasing starting just before the injections. This way they WILL in future convincingly argue to the public that it is not due to the shots but due to climate change.

All the evils in the world seemingly started in "2017" or in your case above before the shots were rolled out to kids that age.

Stats is a lost case for us.

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World Bank population figures expected last June for 2022 are still not released:


They do have some detailed age data under Series if it can be trusted:


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I wouldn’t be surprised if the CB had instructions to include an additional percentage increase in population across the US, based on estimated numbers of illegal immigrants being parceled out everywhere. (Maybe a random generator function is included in the formula.😂)

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What is the actual table in black & white for ? Is it births? Population growth?

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